HealthKeepers Network (HKN), founded in 2009, is a nonprofit, local development organization, registered in Ghana with number DSW 4875.

HKN grew out of a social franchising program initiated in Ghana in 2006 by Freedom from Hunger,  a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization classified as a 501(c)(3) and  headquartered in Davis, California.

The HKN program is an innovation that applies a business solution to a nagging public health problem and making it a smart business opportunity for local entrepreneurs. The HKN program is an initiative which provides unprecedented and sustainable access to life-saving health protection products and services along with information for the rural poor and the underserved populations. It builds on existing distribution networks (traditional and non-traditional) and the entrepreneurial spirit of community based agents, especially women, as well as the organizations  own expertise in health training and service linkages in hard to reach communities.


HealthKeepers Network brings innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against diseases, chronic hunger and poverty. Together with our partners, we equip individuals and families with resources they need to build futures of hope, health and dignity.

HNK,Executive Director,Daniel Mensah,in a tete-a-tete discussion with Bono in Ghana.

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